The Best Beekeeping Gloves to Keep You String Free

by Elaine Gaertner
Last Updated: 18/08/2020
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Today, there are several improvements in beekeeping to enhance the safety and comfort of the beekeeper. One of these is the innovation of beekeeping gloves to protect against stings as you tend to the hive. If you are a beginner beekeeper, these below are some of the options you can choose.

The Best Beekeeping Gloves

1. Natural Apiary Sting-Proof Beekeeping Gloves

Natural Apiary Sting


The gloves come in cowhide leather material for maximum protection against stings.

Key Features

  • Quality material
  • Flexible
  • Good fit and comfortable
  • Arm and sleeve protection

The design of these gloves makes them suitable for a regular user. They provide a comfortable fit and are flexible for the natural movement of fingers. They feature extended sleeves with an elastic band to enhance protection.

It is essential to note that the sizes run small so a size larger would work correctly.

2. Humble Bee Beekeeping Gloves

Humble Bee Beekeeping Gloves


The cowhide material of these gloves provides maximum protection from stings.

Key Features

  • Heavy-weight 
  • Cotton/leather material
  • Full-length sleeves
  • Unisex design

The gloves are durable, thanks to the quality material combination. Additionally, they fit properly and are comfortable on the hands. The best thing is that they have full-length sleeves for extra protection.

These are quality gloves; however, the elastic tends to wear out with constant pulling.

3. VIVO Medium Beekeeping Gloves

VIVO Medium Beekeeping Gloves


With the elastic closure and full sleeves, these gloves protect against stings on your arms.

Key Features

  • Goatskin material
  • Medium size
  • Comfortable fit
  • Cotton sleeves
  • Elastic closure

The design of the gloves combines comfort and functionality. The glove comes in a durable goatskin material, and the sleeves are cotton. These ensure protection from stings while providing flexibility and comfort.

The gloves are comfortable; however, the material on the arms is light and prone to stings. 

4. Forest Beekeeping Supply Gloves

Forest Beekeeping Supply Gloves


If you are looking for affordable goatskin beekeeping gloves, these are the best.

Key Features

  • Premium material
  • Smooth interior
  • Canvas sleeve
  • Elastic closure

The gloves protect against stings on the fingers and forearms. The goatskin material is thick to ensure stings do not reach your arm. More to this, the canvas sleeve adds on to the protection and comfort.

These provide a perfect fit but can be too tight for people with fuller wrists.

5. Forest Beekeeping Supply Premium Gloves

Forest Beekeeping Supply Premium Gloves


Another option from Forest Beekeeping Supply, these gloves feature longer sleeves and provide maximum sting resistance.

Key Features

  • Long canvas sleeve
  • Double-stitched
  • Premium goatskin leather
  • Tailored fit
  • Vented white foam mesh
  • Ideal for commercial use

One unique feature of this glove is the foam mesh around the wrist. It helps to keep your hands cool for hours of use. The mesh also contributes to the flexibility of the gloves around the wrist.

These gloves are breathable and comfortable; however, the area around the wrist is prone to stings.

6. Rural365 Bee Gloves

Rural365 Bee Gloves


The best beekeeping gloves should be comfortable and protective. This pair is an ideal choice, especially for regular users.

Key Features

  • Vented white foam mesh
  • Tailored fit
  • Long gauntlet
  • Goatskin leather 
  • Canvas sleeves

The quality of these gloves is outstanding. The glove hand comes in quality goatskin leather for maximum protection. The long sleeve comes in a durable canvas material that is comfortable on the skin. The vented white mesh around the wrist keeps your hands cool all through.

7. Beekeeping Gloves XL 

This pair is perfect for use in the summer. With the vented mesh around the wrists, the gloves will keep you cool and comfortable.

Key Features

  • Premium goatskin leather
  • Soft and flexible
  • Long canvas sleeves
  • Waterproof bag for storage
  • Mesh wrist

The gloves ensure flexibility, allowing you to move your fingers freely. The inside is soft to enhance comfort for long hours of use. The long sleeves protect your forearm from stings, and the material is comfortable on the skin.

These are high-quality gloves and the lightweight design is suitable for regular use.

8. Humble Bee 110 Beekeeping Gloves

Humble Bee 110 Beekeeping Gloves


The design of these gloves guarantees you maximum protection, thanks to the extended sleeves.

Key Features

  • Goat leather
  • Cotton canvas sleeves
  • Tailored fit
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Unisex design

Finding gloves that fit correctly for comfort can be challenging. Luckily, these gloves come with a tailored fit to match your hand size without compromising on flexibility. The elastic cuffs are comfortable while the canvas material is soft on the skin.

Like any other design, it is essential to confirm the sizes for the right fit.

9. Premium Beekeeping Gloves

Premium Beekeeping Gloves


Goatskin gloves, like this pair, are lightweight yet thick enough to protect against stings.

Key Features

  • Long canvas sleeve
  • Vented mesh 
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Premium goatskin material

These combine the comfort of canvas on the sleeves and the protection of leather on the hand glove. The design fits perfectly, and the cuffs are elastic for flexibility.

The gloves are an ideal choice for regular users. However, you should note that the material is not as heavy as cowhide leather.

10. BESSTOPE Upgraded Beekeeping Gloves

BESSTOPE Upgraded Beekeeping Gloves


The right beekeeping gloves should provide all-round protection on the arms and fingers. This pair from Bestope works perfectly and suits both beginners and experts.

Key Features

  • Flexible design
  • Premium goatskin leather
  • Heavy-duty canvas sleeves
  • Elastic cuffs

One of the features you will love about these gloves is the flexibility they provide. The material is lightweight and soft on the skin, allowing you to handle different beekeeping tools. The long sleeves feature elastic cuffs that are comfortable and secure.

These will protect you against stings; however, you should be careful when handling tools to prevent pricking the soft goatskin material.

How to Clean Beekeeping Gloves

The type of material of your beekeeping gloves dictates how you should wash them.

Rubber, latex and nitrile gloves are the easiest to clean. You only need to wipe them down after use to get rid of honey and propolis.

Neoprene gloves, on the other hand, are prone to stains and stubborn dirt. The good thing is that the material is tough enough to withstand regular hand-washing. These can go in the washing machine for quick cleaning.

The most common and the best beekeeping gloves are made of leather. The material is fragile and requires caution when washing to maintain quality. Here is a simple guide on how to clean leather beekeeping gloves.

  • Use warm water and soap (preferably dish soap) to remove wax, honey or propolis. 
  • If the gloves have stubborn stains, you can soak them in chlorine water. The solution will break down the stains while disinfecting the gloves. 
  • Rinse the gloves and lay flat to dry. Do not hang them under the sun as this can destroy the leather material. 
  • While the gloves are still damp, treat the leather with suitable oil to protect the surface.


The above examples are some of the best beekeeping gloves that you can buy. All options protect against stings and have proven to work well for most people. With a variety of sizes, any of these will provide comfort and flexibility.

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