The Best Wax Moth Traps for Beekeepers

by Elaine Gaertner
Last Updated: 18/08/2020
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Beekeeping requires close monitoring for quality results. One of the problems beekeepers face is the uncontrolled population of wax moths in the hives. These pests can affect the health of the hive and the bees’ natural process of making honey.

A wax moth trap comes in handy to get rid of these overwhelming pests. Traps are great for beekeepers and can help reduce or eliminate wax moths in the beehive environment. Here are the best wax moth traps for beekeepers that you can buy today.

The Best Wax Moth Trap

1. Mann Lake Moth Control

Mann Lake Moth Control


This Mann Lake DC131 Wax Moth Control is an effective insecticide powder.

Key Features

  • Comes in a 5-pound pail
  • Ideal for large apiaries
  • Long-lasting

The insecticide is suitable for controlling wax moth populations in stored supers. You only need to place about six tablespoons of the insecticide on a paper plate and position on the top bars of the super. You then need to stack five deep supers or nine shallow ones and cover using a tarp.

The insecticide is effective, however, you need to air equipment for several days before use.

2. Mann Lake Para-Moth Wax Canister

Mann Lake Para


If you are looking for a small, wax moth control insecticide for your hives, this is a suitable option.

Key Features

  • Comes in a 1-pound canister
  • Ideal for use in stored supers
  • Safe and effective

Using Para-Moth is an effective way of controlling wax moths without harming the bees. The canister is suitable for beekeepers with small apiaries and those facing mild infestations. With just a little powder at a time, the canister can last a long time.

Although the insecticide might take a while to kill the moths, it is an effective method to ensure the safety of bees.

3. Wax-Off Wax Moth Trap

Wax-Off Wax Moth Trap


The design of this trap attracts moths inside the canister. It is a simple, yet effective method of controlling wax moth infestation.

Key Features

  • Top hanging handle
  • Ideal for killing adult moths
  • Screw-on top
  • Environmental-friendly

This trap requires a home-made liquid solution that acts as the bait for wax moths. Placing it near the hive distracts the moths from entering the hive. It is useful for trapping large numbers of adult wax moths.

The screw-on top design makes it easy to fill and empty the container. The attached handle comes in handy to hang the trap.

This trap works well but you have to prepare the bait solution at home. The good thing is that it comes with easy-to-follow recipes for the same. 

Is Wax Moth Bad for Bees?

Wax moths are some of the pests that infest bee populations. There are two distinct types, namely, the greater wax moth and the lesser wax moth. Both types go through life stages, including egg, larvae, pupa, and adult.

The adults of wax moth enter the hive through entrances or any other crevices in the hive. They lay eggs and hatch in seams and joints in the hive. After hatching, the larvae feed on beeswax and other wastes. If not controlled during this stage, the larvae feed for a few weeks before entering the pupa stage.

Wax moths are harmful and can affect bees’ populations significantly. When these moths take over the hive, they cause deformed wings. Also, they make the comb unusable, which in turn results in reduced bee numbers.

In the larvae stage, wax moths eat at the wood to create space for the cocoon in the pupa stage. While strong colonies can control wax moth populations, weak ones get overwhelmed and eventually leave the hive.

Adult wax moths can quickly take over the hive. They lay many eggs at ones, and the development stages take a short period. The larvae overfeed and can soon exhaust honey and pollen.


Wax moths can be quite challenging to control, especially if the infestation is extensive. But, with the above wax moth control solutions, you can reverse the effects and protect your hives.

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