The Best Uncapping Knives for Beekeepers

by Elaine Gaertner
Last Updated: 18/08/2020
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Beekeeping has evolved to a practice that benefits not only you as the beekeeper but also the bees. Bees take time to make combs for honey, and the last thing you want to do is destroy these precious honey pots.

Today, you can use honey extractors that are gentle on the combs. In this process, one of the tools you need is an uncapping knife. It helps with cutting wax cappings while saving the honeycombs. Here are some of the best uncapping knives for beekeepers that you can buy today.

The Best Uncapping Knives

1. HunterBEE Beekeeping Uncapping Knife

HunterBEE Beekeeping Uncapping Knife


This HunterBEE Electric uncapping knife is an excellent choice for a beginner or an expert. 

Key Features

  • Sealed thermostat
  • Pre-set temperature
  • Ready to use
  • Maximum temperature: 320F
  • Fast heating

This uncapping knife comes in handy to cut wax cappings from the frames when extracting honey. It heats up in 2 minutes, so you do not have to wait for long. The best thing is that it has a sealed thermostat in the blade for easy use.

The knife is pre-set at the right uncapping temperature. It makes it easy to use right off the box. You will love the high-quality wooden handle. It is comfortable on the hand and has an excellent grip.

2. WEICHUAN Uncapping Knife

WEICHUAN Uncapping Knife


The uncapping knife comes in a simple design, making it suitable for regular users.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Serrated design
  • 16 inches long
  • Wooden handle

The blade of this knife is made of stainless steel. This material is easy to clean and lasts a long time. The knife has a wooden handle that is comfortable on the hand.

The design of the knife features a serrated blade to make it easy to cut wax cappings. The edge of the knife is sharp for quick and seamless cutting. However, when cutting, honey tends to stick to the blade, and you might have to clean it a few times when extracting.

3. Beekeeping Wax Uncapping Knife

Beekeeping Wax Uncapping Knife


An electric uncapping knife is easy and quick to prepare. This model is of high quality and works well for regular users.

Key Features

  • 110V US plug
  • 17.3 inches long
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Wooden handle

The knife is designed to cut wax cappings off the frames when extracting honey. It is made of high-quality materials to last long and function properly. The blade is made of stainless steel while the handle is wooden. 

The knife comes with a 110V US plug, which is compatible with most power outlets. It is easy to use and heats up for quick and seamless uncapping.  

4. Pierce Beekeeping Uncapping Knife

Pierce Beekeeping Uncapping Knife


Made by Paul Pierce, this beekeeping uncapping knife has been in existence since 1941. It is one of the best uncapping knives for both beginners and experts.

Key Features

  • Pre-calibrated temperature
  • 304 Stainless steel blade
  • 8-foot grounded cord
  • 10 inches long 
  • Comfortable wooden handle

One of the features that stand out with this uncapping knife is the pre-calibrated temperature. It makes is ready to use right off the box as it is set to the right uncapping temperature. Additionally, it heats up quickly and maintains the temperature when uncapping.

The quality is outstanding thanks to the stainless steel blade and wooden handle. These materials withstand regular use and are easy to clean. 

5. Goodland Bee Supply GLUK-SER Uncapping Knife

Goodland Bee Supply GLUK-SER Uncapping Knife


If you are looking for a high-quality uncapping knife at a budget, this one from Goodland Bee Supply is an ideal choice.

Key Features

  • Wooden handle
  • 11 inches long
  • Serrated design 
  • Sharp edge

This uncapping knife has a simple design and is lightweight for comfortable use. It has a wooden handle that gives you an excellent grip when uncapping. It is easy to use, and you only need to dip it in hot water before use.

The knife has a long serrated blade for easy cutting. The edges are sharp and come in handy when cutting wax. It is not only the right choice for quality and functionality but also affordability.

6. PALIGHT Apicultura Electric Uncapping Knife

PALIGHT Apicultura Electric Uncapping Knife


This is undoubtedly one of the best electric uncapping knives on the market. It is suitable for regular use.

Key Features

  • Heats quickly
  • Sharp blade 
  • Wooden handle 
  • Unique design
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Maximum temperature: 140℃-160℃

This knife works seamlessly by just plugging it in a power outlet. It heats up quickly and maintains the temperature while in use. It comes with a stainless steel blade that is easy to clean after use.

The sharp blade delivers a clean cut through the wax off the frames. With the wooden handle, you get a comfortable, firm grip when using it.

7. Juweishangmao Electric Honey Uncapping Knife

This uncapping knife features advanced design elements that contribute to its functionality.

Key Features

  • Heat setting 
  • Temperature control function
  • Heats up quickly
  • Digital display function
  • Stainless steel blade 

If you are looking into upgrading from your regular uncapping knife, this is the best choice. It has advanced features like the heat setting function and temperature control function. These allow you to set the right temperature and keep it under control when uncapping.

The build of this knife ensures it stands the test of time. The stainless steel blade is easy to clean and resists rust and corrosion. With the digital display, you can keep track of the temperature for safety.


Whether you are a hobbyist or a commercial beekeeper, an uncapping knife has to be in your list of essentials. It makes work more comfortable to cut cappings when extracting honey. You can choose between electric and regular designs, with the above examples being an excellent starting point.

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