The Best Chicken Wire Fence

chicken fence

Everyone who keeps backyard chickens needs to ensure keeping their birds safe from predators. Wild animals like raccoons, weasels, and even snakes can easily get inside coops and harm your birds.  If you keep a garden with vegetables and fruits, then your free-ranging birds are bound to get tempted and feast on your produce. To … Read more

The Best Chicken Waterer to Buy Today

chicks drinking water

Chickens need to drink plenty of water, not just in the summer months, but all year round. Most backyard poultry farmers leave buckets of water out in the coop or the run; birds can dip their little beaks in these buckets and have their fill.  However, water in such open containers invariably gets messy with … Read more

The Best Chicken Supplements & Vitamins to Buy


Chickens need vitamins and minerals to stay happy and healthy. Even if you feed your birds the best poultry feed, it may not always be enough.  Many commercial hen feed products do not contain balanced nutrition. Most are devoid of probiotics and electrolytes, which poultry birds need to stay healthy, disease-free, and hydrated. That is … Read more

The Best Bee Smoker and Bee Smoker Fuel

bee smoker fuel

Tending to the hives is one of the primary roles of a beekeeper. Bees have a wild temper and can attack when they feel like the colony is being invaded. This is where a bee smoker comes in. It is a device used to puff smoke into the hive. Smoke, in this case, is used … Read more

The Best Bee Hive Kits for Beginners

beekeeping starter kit

Beekeeping can be a rewarding practice if done correctly. As a beginner, the first thing you need is a beehive kit. This kit has all the essential items you need to start. But, with the variety available on the market, it can be challenging finding the most suitable one. We searched for the best beehive … Read more

Top 15 Backyard Chicken Breeds

Would you like to raise your own chickens in your backyard? For the majority of the people, the primary incentive of raising backyard chickens is a fresh supply of eggs. Apart from just harvesting eggs, backyard chickens are also great for meat and as pets. There are numerous varieties of chicken breeds. Some are exceptionally … Read more

The Best Wax Moth Traps for Beekeepers

wax moth traps

Beekeeping requires close monitoring for quality results. One of the problems beekeepers face is the uncontrolled population of wax moths in the hives. These pests can affect the health of the hive and the bees’ natural process of making honey. A wax moth trap comes in handy to get rid of these overwhelming pests. Traps … Read more

The Best Hive Beetle Trap for Beekeepers

beekeepers tending to the hives

Beekeeping, like any other practice, has its own set of challenges. One of the most common problems is hive beetles infestation. These are pests that invade hives flying from one colony to another. The beetles vary from tiny to large sizes. The small beetle is the most popular one in beekeeping and easily accesses the … Read more

The Best Beekeeping Gloves to Keep You String Free

Beekeeping Gloves

Today, there are several improvements in beekeeping to enhance the safety and comfort of the beekeeper. One of these is the innovation of beekeeping gloves to protect against stings as you tend to the hive. If you are a beginner beekeeper, these below are some of the options you can choose. The Best Beekeeping Gloves … Read more

The Best Beekeeping Books for Beginners

beekeeping books

One proven way of getting fast ahead in any career or walk of life is by getting connected to the successful ones that have gone before you. The alternative to meeting them physically is tapping from their wealth of knowledge and experience through reading books they have written. This would save you from making quite … Read more