Guinea Fowl: A Guide to Raising

Ginnie bird

The Guinea fowl is an exotic species of birds, but its popularity is slowly growing among farmers. They are vigorous, hardy, and mostly disease-free owing to their adaptability in different conditions. People keep guinea fowl for various reasons, but the main one is as an alert whenever something unusual happens on the farm. The noise … Read more

The Best Heated Chicken Waterer

Chicken waterer

If you have raised any kind of pet, then you know that you need to provide it with fresh drinking water, not only in summers but all year-round. Providing water in winters can be a challenge, and standard chicken waterer is not enough, especially when it comes to backyard chicken coops. If your chickens cannot … Read more

The Best Chicken Roost [Chicken Perch & Bar]

Chicken Roost

What is a Chicken Roost? A chicken roost or perching bar is what a chicken would use to sleep upon at night; quite similar to a tree branch in the wild. Chickens love to roost on the highest part of the coop but you can place a chicken roost anywhere. Roosting is almost a natural … Read more

The Best Chicken Harness & Leash

Chicken Harness

Why should cats and dogs have all the fun? Even chickens are pets and can be walked around on a special chicken harness and leash. What is a Chicken Harness? Chicken harness and leash are ideal accessories for training your hens, ducks, geese, or turkeys to walk properly and poop in the designated places. They … Read more

The Best Chicken Brooder to Buy

Chicken Brooder

Why do you need a chicken brooder? A chicken brooder is nothing but a container that can keep your newly hatched birds warm. Almost any container can function as a brooder: a large cardboard box, a kiddie pool, a borad plastic storage bin, etc. Your chicks won’t mind what you use for a brooder as … Read more

The Best Egg Poacher for Your Kitchen

Egg Poacher

If you go to a restaurant for breakfast, chances are that the most expensive egg dish on the menu is eggs Benedict. Eggs Benedict (which mainly consist of poached eggs with stuff on the top) is also easily the most revered egg item, mainly because it is considered so difficult to make. Many people, professional … Read more

The Best Egg Holder to Buy

egg holder

An egg holder is the handiest accessory to buy for egg lovers. Whether you have backyard chickens and collect eggs daily, or simply like to buy eggs in bulk; egg holders can help you keep your eggs fresh, safe and breakage-free. An egg holder is typically made of sturdy polypropylene plastic. It comes with a … Read more

The Best Egg Slicer to Buy

Egg Slicer

Boiled eggs tend to be slippery and slicing them with a knife means that you end up with smashed eggs and uneven wedges. And that is the main reason why you need an egg slicer. With an egg slicer (also known as an egg cutter), you get even wedges and uniform slices. You can chop/slice … Read more

The Best Chicken Wire Basket

Chicken Wire Basket

If you keep backyard chickens, then chances are that you collect eggs daily. Eggs should be collected thrice a day, depending of course on the number of laying birds you have. The collected eggs should ideally always be placed in wire baskets – chicken wire baskets to be precise. A chicken wire basket has holes … Read more

The Best Chicken Gifts for Chicken Lovers

Chicken Gifts

Looking for attractive chicken gifts for chicken lovers? Then you are going to be amazed by the sheer variety and choice at your disposal! You will literally be spoilt for choice and the overwhelming number of chicken gifts available might even confuse you. That is why; we have hand-picked 10 best chicken gifts to make … Read more