The Best Pollen Traps and Collectors

by Elaine Gaertner
Last Updated: 18/08/2020
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Pollen is one of the essential products in beekeeping. When worker honeybees forage, they pack pollen as pellets and carry them with their legs. Beekeepers use traps and collectors at the entrance of the hive to strip the pellets off the legs.

There are many traps on the market, varying in size and design. Here are three of the best pollen traps and collectors that you can buy today.

The Best Pollen Traps

1. HunterBee Pollen Trap

HunterBee Pollen Trap


The pollen trap design makes it easy to collect pollen without having to lift the entire hive.

Key Features

  • Easy adjustment
  • Easy-access draw 
  • 10-frame plastic front mount

The trap functions in two different ways. One, you can adjust it to collect pollen without moving the hive. Two, you can allow the bees free entrance to the hive without moving the entire trap.

It features a quick access draw that makes it simple to collect pollen. While doing this, you do not have to remove the entire unit. It is important to note, however, that all other entrances must be closed for the trap to function effectively

2. Apimaye Premium Pollen Trap

Apimaye Premium Pollen Trap


This pollen trap comes in a unique design that features additional functions.

Key Features

  • Pollen drawer
  • Entrance reducers 
  • Ventilation system
  • Premium screen bottom board
  • Removable pollen trap

This beekeeping tool comes in the form of a screened bottom board with a built-in pollen trap and drawer. It is super easy to use and collects pollen from the back of the hive.

It features ventilation channels to prevent the buildup of moisture inside the hive. Additionally, the ventilation system provides cooling in scorching weather. It is sturdy, high-quality, and easy to clean

3. GLOGLOW Plastic Pollen Collector Trap

GLOGLOW Plastic Pollen Collector Trap


This pollen trap is made with quality and functionality in mind. It is made from premium plastic, which is non-toxic and durable.

Key Features

  • Easy installation
  • 3-row design
  • Durable construction

This pollen trap is easy to install, and you can hang it at the entrance of the hive. It ensures no dirt enters. With the 3-row design, this pollen trap collects pollen as worker bees enter the hive.

As bees return to the hive, the trap collects strips off pollen from the bees’ legs. This accumulates under the holes where you can retrieve it after a while.


The benefits of pollen in beekeeping cannot be overlooked. With a high-quality pollen trap, the collection process is smooth and seamless. The above options are suitable for both beginner and expert beekeeping; hopefully, you find the best for the hive you have.

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