Top 10 Friendliest Chicken Breeds

by Suzie Mitro
Last Updated: 16/02/2021
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Maybe dogs are man’s best friends, but chickens are also very sensitive animals and can be great pals. They are emotional and caring. 

Sometimes they are very chatty and noisy, but that is only because they are in awe with everything they see (don’t ask me how I know that, I have my sources).

All chicken breeds have some specific characteristics that make them different. They all have quite unique appearances and personalities (unlike the characters in sitcoms). 

If you are interested in raising chickens, then you need to know all about the specific characteristics of different breeds and which ones are the friendliest chicken breeds.

You will find everything you need to know about the chichen breeds in this article so keep reading!

Friendliest Chicken Breeds

1. Buff Orpington

The Buff Orpingtons are on the top of this list because they are one of the friendliest chicken breeds you can find. 

They are even called the “Golden Retrievers” among the chicken breeds – because of their “golden” feathers, and their friendly nature.

They are very docile and calm, except when they are running around for treats. These chickens are very emotional, and enjoy cuddling. They are famous for their motherly nature and take great care of their baby chicks.

As for their looks – they are among the most beautiful-looking chicken breeds. And, last but not least – Buff Orpington chickens are great egg layers (the most important thing when it comes to chickens is their ability to lay eggs). 

2. Rhode Island Red

Another friendly chicken breed that enjoys the sun just as much as it enjoys the snow, fog, and cold weather. This chicken will be happy anywhere you choose to take it (just don’t bring it to dinner with your in-laws, it may start dropping C-bombs,).

Rhode Island Reds are one of the largest breeds, and a very elegant-looking one. They are very personable and can be the perfect pet chicken(s) you’re looking for.

These are also very friendly chickens, as well as curious and very chatty. They are always up to something. But it is impossible not to love them. 

Rhode Island Reds are a dual purpose breed, and lay 200–300 large brown eggs per year.

If you have a space in your backyard, make sure that you get this breed (for your chicken flock).

3. Jersey Giant

These are one of the friendliest chicken breeds. They are not friendly only with their own breed and their humans, but they can also be genuine friends with other birds.  

The Jersey Giant is the largest one among the chicken breeds in the world. They are also great egg producers, laying three to four large, light brown eggs per week.

But they are not impressive only with their size. They have very warm characters. 

These chickens are calm and docile, and they are the perfect pet chicken if you have children in the house (if you don’t have them in the house, that’s fine, I also keep my kids outside). 

Even though the size of the chicken might be intimidating for kids, they will certainly become best friends, if you just give it time. 

4. Speckled Sussex

Another friendly chicken pet. The Speckled Sussex chickens are immediately recognizable for their black and white “speckling” (on their feathers). The speckles are different and unique for every chicken. There aren’t two chicks with the same feather pattern.  

They are one of the friendliest chicken breeds. They are calm but also funny (except when they’re telling racist jokes), especially when they walk behind you, following you wherever you move in the backyard. 

And they won’t stop chatting. That’s because they want you to give them treats.

The Speckled Sussex chickens are also great for egg laying, producing between four to five eggs each week.

5. Plymouth Rock

This chicken breed is one of the most mellow birds there is. People who have experience with Plymouth Rocks, always describe them as docile and friendly (they are the most perfect backyard chickens).

They make excellent chicken pets and can be very independent when you don’t have the time to cuddle them or pay attention to them. This breed is also known as a cold hardy one, which basically means that they prefer colder weather.

This breed is also a good egg layer, producing roughly four brown eggs per week. 

6. Easter Egger

The Easter Eggers chickens are a group of chickens that do not belong to any chicken breed. What they do is lay large to extra-large eggs.

They are mainly kept in the chicken flock because of the eggs they lay, which are not only unique in their size, but also in their colour – they can be blue, green, and even pink.

As for their personality, the Easter Eggers are very easy going, calm, and friendly, and they enjoy being cuddled. They will be a great pet chicken to have around.

In general, they are very easy to take care of and will be perfect for your backyard flock.

7. Cochin Chickens 

This is also another one of those large chicken breeds with fluffy feathers. The Cochins are very popular because they are covered with feathers from head to toe (they don’t actually have toes, but you get what I mean). This is one of the friendliest chicken breeds. 

They love to be cuddled and you will love cuddling them as they are one big, beautiful, fluffy ball of love and affection. They are also funny when they walk around. They look like little giants among the other chickens (which is funny because they are not giants, they are chickens).

If you like raising chickens, this is the one breed you must get for your chicken coop. They are so gentle, they even care for the chicks of other chickens. They make an excellent pet chicken.

Even Queen Victoria had a special chicken coop for her Cochin-Chinas.

8. Silkies

These are the most unusual-looking chickens in the world. 

They look like a chicken who has been partying all night long and then came back home in the early hours of the morning. 

On top of their fluffy appearance, they have black skin and bones, blue earlobes and five toes on each leg. These are the cutest chickens in the “chicken world”, and they love to be held and petted.

Silkies are also very curious, friendly, and funny. They will make friends in the chicken coop, and will be playful in the backyard. And they will follow you wherever you go, because they have so much to tell you (they are wikileaks among chickens).

These are definitely one of the most adorable and friendliest chickens.

9. Australorp

Well, these are very reserved chickens. They are shy and calm. But once an Australorp gets to know you, it then becomes the friendliest chicken pet.

They are a breed of Australian origin developed for egg-laying. They lay roughly 250 eggs per year. 

They are a favourite in Australian backyards because of their calm and friendly personalities, and because they are excellent for egg laying.

This chicken breed holds the world record for egg production (among chickens). That record is 364 eggs in 365 days, all done without extra lighting for the hens.

Australorps have classy looks, are very pretty, and very friendly. All in all, a great pet chicken for your backyard chicken coop.

10. Faverolles

Everyone who keeps Faverolles chickens in their backyard are thrilled by their personalities. They are very friendly, calm, and social.

These chickens are happy and enjoy life. You will love every chicken in your backyard chicken coop as they are all different, but Faverolles are the little Yodas among chickens and you will enjoy being around them.

They have very soft feathers, and enjoy being cuddled. This breed is a very popular pet chicken, especially as a pet for the kids.

They are also fine when it comes to laying eggs. They produce around 240 eggs per year.


What Are the Best Chickens for Beginners?

There are a very few chicken breeds that are hard to handle. According to the experiences of people who raise chickens, all breeds are friendly in their own unique ways. 

The best chickens for beginners are baby chicks, regardless of their breed. 

Almost all chicken breeds are friendly. Chickens are also very sensitive, so if you nurture them with love, they will show you love in return.

First you need to know what you want – whether you want a more independent chicken or one of the more cuddly breeds and whether you like raising chickens as pets or for their eggs. 

What Is the Most Aggressive Chicken Breed?

The most aggressive chicken breed is the Malay rooster. This chicken comes from Asia and was bred for cockfighting, therefore, these chickens are very aggressive. They also have the biggest roosters in the world.

If you are looking for a pet chicken, backyard chicken, friendly chicken for your chicken coop, you don’t need a Malay chicken (they are so tough and dangerous that my only hope is them not reading this article and finding me to beat my ass).

As for the other chicken breeds, there are people who have had unpleasant experiences with a particular chicken, but not with a specific chicken breed.

Do Different Breeds of Chickens Get Along?

Most of the chickens mind their own business but they are also very sociable (they don’t use social media though). Some of the chicken breeds are more shy than others, and some are more chatty. 

However, most of them don’t mind the company of different chicken breeds.

If you put more chicken breeds in your backyard chicken coops, they will be just fine. Some of them are more caring, some less.

All in all, chickens are curious and friendly, so they usually make friends with different breeds.

Do Chickens Like to Be Held?

Chickens love to be held. They are very affectionate and appreciate it if you hold and cuddle them. 

Some chicken breeds ask for more attention than others, but in general, they all love to be petted.

The Bottom Line

Chickens will make your home happier and your life more joyful. Just try to follow a chicken for an hour to discover what’s on her mind. It will always end up with you having a good laugh.

In the end, there is no friendliest chicken pet or the best chicken pet. They are all unique and friendly in their own way. You just need to consider what living conditions they require, and how much attention they will ask from you.

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