The Best Chicken Harness & Leash

by Elaine Gaertner
Last Updated: 18/08/2020
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Why should cats and dogs have all the fun? Even chickens are pets and can be walked around on a special chicken harness and leash.

What is a Chicken Harness?

Chicken harness and leash are ideal accessories for training your hens, ducks, geese, or turkeys to walk properly and poop in the designated places. They can also be used to keep your birds safe from predators while they forage around for worms in fresh pastures.

High-quality chicken harnesses are made using breathable, resilient, and washable fabrics along with nylon-reinforced seams for added strength and comfort. They fit snugly around the hen’s chest and have a metallic D-ring on its backside for attaching the leash. You can easily loop the leash through the ‘D’ and walk your birds in style. Each harness also has a plastic buckle for ease of putting it on and taking it off.

Nowadays, a chicken harness is available in different colours and patterns. So they also make great fashion accessories for your birds. You can also select them according to the species, genders, or sizes of your birds. Generally, small sized harnesses fit smaller hens while larger birds use medium or large sizes.

What to look for in a Chicken Harness?


Measure your bird in three to four places across its chest. Also, measure it just below its neck to the top-centre of its stomach. Chicken harness manufacturers also show you exactly how to measure your birds and they also make size-recommendations for each species.


Mesh-harnesses are breathable and washable. Ideally, chicken harnesses should be soft and not poke or hurt the bird. At the same time, they should be made with long-lasting material that dries up quickly and can be hand-washed. 

Look for a harness that comes with a free leash of about 4 to 6 feet in length. Here are some of the best products on the market.

High-Quality Chicken Harness and Leash to Select

1. Yesito Adjustable, Long-Lasting Chicken Harness and Leash

Yesito Adjustable


Yesito chicken leashes are easy to adjust and come in small and medium sizes. They enhance chicken training to the fullest; they teach your pet to walk on leash and you, in turn, are guaranteed peace of mind.

The leash and harness are made using resilient material and can last the wear and tear they are subjected to. You also get a storage bag for the harness-leash combo and also three-different coloured bows to personalize them for your pets.


For birds weighing less than 2.3 lb, select the medium size. The large size easily fits birds about 9 inches tall and 2.3-3.8 lb weights.


Yesito harness-leash comes in different colours, sizes, and styles. They are made using breathable fabrics that is also long-lasting and can easily withstand daily wear and tear. The leash and fabric are stitched well, have strong plastic buckles, and reinforced to prevent rips, loose threads, and breaks.


  • Excellent quality, sturdy, and durable nylon material
  • Beneficial in training your pet birds to walk on leash
  • Comfortable for the birds and their humans


  • Some chickens could easily come out of the harness

2. Valhoma Chicken Harness and Leash



Valhoma chicken harness and leashes are available in five different colours and three different sizes. They are made with durable, breathable material and can be adjusted to fit ducks, geese, and chickens.


Select the small size for hens and medium for duck. Each product comes with a 6 foot long leash in matching colour.


Valhoma harness and leash are made with durable, breathable fabric which lasts long and can be hand-washed. The harness is adjustable to comfortably fit a duck, goose, or hen. You can easily train your flock with it or even let your birds forage within a restricted space.


  • Great for kids and adults alike to walk their pet birds
  • Suitable for different species of birds
  • Keeps your hens safe from predators


  • Size issues are probable

3. Hamilton Chicken and Rooster Harness



Hamilton adjustable mesh harnesses are available in different colours and each one comes with a matching leash. They are fully adjustable and also washable. 


Each harness is about 5/8th x 14 inches. You can also buy Hamilton harnesses specifically for hens or roosters and the products are labelled and sold that way.


Hamilton harnesses are available in blue, red, pink, or black colours. Each harness is made using breathable, comfortable, and washable material. The harnesses can be adjusted for a snug fit on your hen or rooster. 

The edges of the harness have reinforced seams made with nylon for added strength and comfort. You can attach a leash in the metallic D-ring provided on the harness if you wish to take your birds for a walk. Alternatively, simply leave the harness on for fashion!


  • Hamilton harness and leash are fashionable and practical as well. You can dress up your flock in different colour harnesses or use them to take your birds for a walk
  • Material is soft, breathable, and washable
  • Reinforced seams with nylon threads
  • Easy on-off thanks to plastic buckle


  • Slight difficulty getting the leash through the D-clip.

4. Pranovo Adjustable Duck Goose or Chicken Harness



Pranovo chicken harness is adjustable, easy to put on a hen/duck/goose, and comes in 5 attractive colours. It is made using ultra resilient, washable fabric that is comfortable for the birds.


You can buy Pranovo harnesses in three different sizes: S (9 ½” x 6 ¼” x 11/15”) , M (11 4/5” x 7 ½” x 14/18”), and L (13” x 9” x 16/22”). 


Pranovo harnesses are adjustable and you shouldn’t face any hassle in putting it on your birds. They are made with ultra-resilient, breathable, washable, and comfortable fabrics. You can attach a fashionable 4ft. leash to each harness.

The harness and leash combination are useful for training and walking. They also enhance safety by preventing your birds from running near predators or into the traffic. Ensure peace of mind when your birds forage in fresh pasture as you can keep them near you.


  • Great for training
  • Fun for kids and adults to walk hens and roosters
  • Enhance safety of birds
  • Fashionable; available in various attractive colours and 3 sizes
  • Resilient, long-lasting material


  • Sizing issues


Chicken harness and leashes can help keep your hens/roosters safe from predatory animals. You can even train your birds to walk in them so that they poop in the designated areas. 

Foraging in fresh pastures can become easier for your birds since such leash and harnesses can keep them closer to you. Your kids will also have fun walking their pet hens using a sturdy and attractive chicken harness and leash.

We hope the above reviews of chicken harnesses help you select the best one for your flock.

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